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"The Kit"
The Kit - click image to see a larger photo

Kit Contents
Click image to see a RC Building Video on YouTube
RC Building VideoWatch the video or See a larger image
Click links for watching Robotics Merit Badge and larger imagesWatch the video or See a larger image Robotics Merit Badge
Coming in 2011 to BSA
Click image to see a larger photo of this Monkey Bridge
Click image to see the RC Camera Video on YouTube
Watch the video or See a larger imageRC Camera Video
Baden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scout movement, said,
"Scouting is a game, but it’s a game with a purpose."
That is the purpose of "The Kit".

Welcome to Pioneering Competitions where my puzzle boards create a foundation to help with five different Boy Scout merit badges
and one Webelos engineering badge.
I also wish to start a national/local engineering and pioneering competition for the Boy Scouts of America; much like the Pinewood Derby Car Race is for Cub Scouts. I wish to build young boys to young men by building a foundation of successful challenges to master.
All building structures start with a good foundation. I created interlocking foundation boards with 24 round holes and 12 square holes. The interlocking keys on the boards allow them to be assembled in many creative shapes. Each shape creates a new hole pattern from board to board allowing for hundreds of building structure combinations. Round and square dowels can be placed in the holes much like you would do if you where to build a full scale pioneering structure. Once you assemble a board pattern and place the dowels in the holes, you can practice engineering and pioneering skills, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, day or night.
"The Kit" is designed to help, instruct, direct, and encourage the scouts to build the miniature scale models needed in five different merit badges and the Webelos engineering activity badge.
The Merit Badges are:
Pioneering Requirement 7 - See merit badge book page 71.
Engineering Requirement 6 Option A - See merit badge book page 63.
Option G - See merit badge book page 83.
Possibly a troop competition.
Railroading Requirement 8 Option 5 - See merit badge book page 49.
Model Design and Building Requirement 8 Options A, B, D - See merit badge book pages 25, 32, 44.
Space Exploration Requirement 7 -  See merit badge book page 75.
Webelos Engineering Requirements 7, 8, 9
Other merit badges this site could help with:
Robotic (out in 2011)
Here are just a few items that can be built:
Monkey Bridges, Catapults, Cranes, Single Towers, Houses, Space Stations, Docks, Pole Buildings, Sky Scrapers, Water Towers, Tree Houses,  Pioneering Structures, House Boats, Ocean Drilling Rigs, and Tower Cranes.
See for a great resource for other ideas.
Patrol Competitions:
"The Kit" also includes instructions for Scout Leaders to hold a Pioneering/Engineering Structure Building Competition. The Scouts can work as teams with several boards or work independently to build structures for the competition. This makes for a great all weather indoor activity while also accomplishing a badge requirement or two.
See the Patrol Leadership page.
And see the Competition Goals page.
Submit Photos and Blog :
The world of Scouting is a small world now. Scouts may now show other Scouts, friends and family from across the globe what they have built, either full scale or miniature projects. My web site offers a free photo and comment blog. Scouts can photograph their projects and upload them to the site. I hope this will encourage Scouts to build a wider variety of projects.
"The Kit" is designed to provide a foundation for creativity. It is impossible to
include all the items needed for a single Scout to be creative; however, I have assembled many items to stimulate their creativity. I wish to teach the scouts to think outside my box not just use what I have provided. See Wood, Bending, Robotic Techniques page for building materials.
"The Kit" includes:
1 USA Flag
2 different types of twisted cotton twine
2 pieces of tent material
25 - 1 ¼” nails
10 - ¼” screw eyelets
4 - 12” square foundation boards.
4 - packages of 8 assorted sized round dowels x 12”
4 - packages of 10 assorted sized square dowels x 12”
4 - 3/8” round dowels 23” long
4 - 3/8” square dowels 23” long
4 - 12” long paint sticks
20 - 3/8” Popsicle sticks
20 - 3/4” tongue depressors
1- 4 oz. Elmer’s Glue
12 – 1/2” clamps
4 - miniature pulleys
"The Kit"
The Kit - click image to see a larger photo
Once again, these items are just the tip of the iceberg. Your Scouts should feel free to be creative and use many other materials; however, their projects should stay within the guidelines of the merit badge requirements and competition as possible. After the merit badge requirement is signed off than let the Scouts be more creative.
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Troops' Return on Investment:
A single Scout or Patrol could check out the troops’ Kit to be used to complete a project or two for a merit badge. When the merit badge counselor has signed off on the project, the Scout would then return "The Kit" to the troop's Quartermaster.

The only requirement of the Scout or Scouts is that they return more than they used, to give back more than they took, to add to the storehouse more than was taken. They should be asked to give back some of the same types of materials that are supplied in the original Kit as well as other creative wood building materials found around them. This will ensure "The Kit" supplies are not depleted and are always available for use. See photo of creative building supplies under Miniature Construction Methods.
Cost of Doing Business:
"The Kit" retails from my site at $95.00 plus shipping. Single boards can also be purchased at $10.00 plus shipping. If the Scouts wish to keep their structure, additional boards may be purchased to replace those being kept. You can e-mail me at I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the details. Addition supplies (string, dowels, etc.) can be purchased at your local hardware stores. Home Depot, Walmart and hobby stores are excellent supply resources.
Please contact me with any comments.
With the input and comments from you, I/we can make a big difference in these boys’ lives. Don Murphy did it by inventing the Pinewood Derby Car race for Cub Scouts. I wish to do it for Boy Scouts.
"The Kit" is patent pending now and copyrighted so please pass this site on to your friends in Scouts.
As a reminder, you do not have to be in Boy Scouts of America to learn from and enjoy "The Kit." It works very well for Home Schooling, Engineering Classes, Girl Scouts of America, Science Classes, Boys & Girls Clubs, youth groups as well as for individuals of all ages. The Boy Scout Merit Badge Requirements are just the tip of the ice burg of what I wish to do for the youth of our country.
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