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"The Kit"
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Kit Contents
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Competition Guidelines

These guidelines are just that, a guide to help the troop on competition day to determine what patrols were the most successful in completing an engineering or pioneering structure. The competition is not about which project can hold the most weight, it is about engaging young minds.
The goal of the competition is to engage young minds, giving the scouts a creative, engaging and challenging way to feel successful and reap the rewards of their efforts. These rewards could come in the form of completing a requirement or two for one of the five merit badges listed on this home page. The rewards also come in the form of building quality scouts. They will learn many skills such as lashing, engineering, goal setting, team work, resourcefulness, time management, patience and much more.
Things to consider when judging the structure and the patrol team.
* Quality of the lashings, wood cuts, gluing, and the overall organized appearances of the project.
* Creativeness of the structure. Have the Lead Scout explain why they chose this structure and challenges they had to overcome.
* How sturdy is the project? Is it generally well built and thought out?
* What research was done to determine this was the project to build?
* How well does the project fit within the goals of one of the five merit badges? See merit badge reference list on home page.
The scouts themselves can fill out a questionnaire as to how well their team performed the tasks needed to complete the project as they relate to the scout law, oath and motto.
Trustworthy: How honest was the scout when it came time to identify the portions of the structure they built? How much involvement did adults have in building the project? Parent interest is great; show them, then let them finish the task.
Loyal: How well could the team count on each other to pitch in and do their best?
Helpful: How well did the team willingly volunteer to help each other be their best?
Friendly: How polite was the team throughout the production and on competition day toward teammates and competitors?
Courteous: How well did the team portray good manners toward adult leaders, volunteers and other scouts?
Kind: How well did the team listen to the needs of other team members when ideas were shared and information exchanged?
Obedient: How well did the team follow and stay within the guidelines of the competition? Did the team follow the directions of the team leaders?
Cheerful: How well did the team jump to the opportunity to be a good working group? Did the team help each other cheerfully?
Thrifty: How well did the team use their resources of time, talents and materials? Was the team resourceful in collecting the right building materials for the project?
Brave: How well did the team stand out with courage, to build beyond the limits of just the minimum requirements? Did the team have courage to be different and step outside of the box when building a project?
Clean: How clean did the team leave the work areas when done? How clean is the overall structure? Is the team living up to the high standards of Scouting?
Reverent: How well does the team do their duty to God and country?
Be Prepared: How well did the team come prepared to build the projects? Was the team prepared with the research, materials and tools to complete the project?
Slogan: Did the team turn a good deed towards other competitors? Are they encouraging and helpful toward other scouts?
These are only a guide, you may copy this word for word or make adjustments as needed. The scouts should have a copy of the final guidelines your troop will use before they start their project. The Patrol Team should have a binder for research and to keep themselves organized.
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