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"The Kit"
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Competition Goals

Tradition Meets Technology. This web site provides a social blog with photos to link scouts to each other, family and community, so that they can share their photos of projects and comments with each other. In addition to the technology provided on this web site, there are other resource links provided relating to and supporting scout pioneering, engineering and technology.
Engage Local Community. Raise awareness about scouting to the local community by encouraging local newspapers to report on upcoming and current scouting events. Notifying the press can be accomplished quickly and easily by using the Troup Activity Notice. Feel free to use this Event Form for any scouting activity that the community may be interested in. Simply complete and forward to your local newspaper editor. (Form is in pdf format. Visit Adobe for free Acrobat Reader download.)
Innovative Recruiting Event. By inviting the community’s non-scout population, parents and potential scouts will see a glimpse of what scouting is. The young leaders of scouting will welcome and assist the non-scouts at the activities table (for example: miniature tree house building, catapult demonstrations, or team activities.) See photo gallery.
Re-engage Alumni. Community awareness is a way of inviting scouting alumni to re-engage in a local troop and encourage their ongoing support by becoming a merit badge counselor, a mentor, or by providing financial support or needed resources.
Promote Scout Oath and Law. The structures will be judged on the guidelines of the competition, such as the quality and creativity of the structure, and the scouts will also be judged on their ability to work within the guidelines of the Scout Oath, Law and Motto.
Combines Scout’s Virtual and Physical World. Scouts can link to many resources through this web site, for research and tips in creating their structures. They can also take photos of the structures they build and post them to this web site (blog). By posting their pictures, other scouts, family and friends are able to view and comment on their creations.
Build Scout Leadership Skills. A Patrol Team will enter a competition. The Patrol will pick a Team Leader, Information Technology Scout, Resource and Supplies Scout, and Construction Lead Scout. The four Lead Scouts will learn leadership skills not only in the production and completion of the competition project, but also by training the younger scouts (Team Scouts) to potentially fill the leadership roles for the next year’s competition.
Visiting Non-Scouts on competition day are invited to a construction table, where Lead Scouts will welcome and encourage their participation in building other structures, such as a tree house. (Refer to the Patrol Leadership Team Duties page.)
Having Fun! Last, but not least, competition day will provide a ton of fun for both scouts and non-scouts.
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CLICK HERE: Visit the Leadership Team page CLICK HERE: Visit the Competition Guidelines page CLICK HERE: Read about purchase information